Public Speakers

S.I. Teambuilding is comprised of leaders, entrepreneurs and military, aviation and training specialists from a wide array of backgrounds. Members of our Public Speaking division include retired and former members of Naval Special Warfare, (SEAL’s and SWCC’s), business owners, inventors as well as management, technology and training experts with decades of experience. They bring positive, meaningful, applicable and real-world experience to every speaking engagement.

While every S.I. Teambuilding speaking program is a custom-crafted presentation for each specific client group, there are some common themes our clients ask us to incorporate:

  • Building a cohesive team – getting commitment to a common goal from employees with disparate agendas.
  • Seeing “over the horizon” – skills you can use to successfully predict future trends, opportunities and challenges.
  • Being Extraordinary – the decisions, processes and mentalities required for businesses and individualsĀ to move beyond an ordinary existence.
  • The value of meaningful risk-taking – how to apply principles of intelligent risk and the value of operating outside your comfort zone.
  • Failure as a building block to success – how successful people use failure in order to progress.
  • Burnout: How to reinvigorate your work and personal life when nothing holds your interest like it used to.

For more information on our dynamic, influential and effective presenters, contact Ron Lee at 619-247-4525 or via email at